About Shannon


Hello and welcome to my blog; I’m so glad that you are here! I created caligirlgetsfit.com to share my fitness journey with you. Originally when I created my blog and fitness Instagram, it was just for myself to document my own progress and meals. But through social media, I discovered a whole community of amazing people who are interested in learning from each other, embarking on a fitness journey together, and cultivating a support system of people inspired to become our best selves. It was here that I met people who are now my close friends both online and in real life, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without my #fitfam.

Since beginning my fitness journey 3 years ago, @caligirlgetsfit has evolved into a place  where I share everything that I have learned about healthy eating, macros, and workouts. I also document my fitness journey here, which is constantly evolving as I continue to learn. I am so excited to be on this journey with you!

Cali Girl, Born and Raised


It’s funny because a lot of people write to me and say “Hi Cali!” – thinking that it’s my name! My name is actually Shannon, and I am from Oakland, California, hence the nickname “Cali Girl!” Northern California is a beautiful place with tons of hiking, outdoor sports, and fitness-focused people who are into yoga, pilates, lifting, and healthy, sustainable, organic eating. It’s a great place to be inspired to become fit and healthy!

My Story


Growing up in Northern California, I have always done things where physical appearances mattered. I started modeling in my late teens, picking up modeling jobs after I was scouted by a local agent in a mall. I started doing runway shows and working on commercial sets in Northern California before moving to LA and picking up more gigs there (I’m back in Northern California now). I regulated my diet to stay “skinny,” but I never really exercised or understood the significance of being healthy from the inside out. I felt that I was “healthy” because I was thin, but inside I was weak, not eating the right foods, and was in toxic environments where everyone was drinking. I didn’t realize that health was so much more than physical appearances. I decided to make a change for the better and get healthy! This included learning about healthy food and beginning a journey of exercise.

About a year into my journey, I was hiking and slid off a cliff and slammed into a tree. While the scratches and bruises healed in months, I was unable to walk for about 4 months and forced into physical therapy and chiropractic. It was there in the recovery process I learned the importance of proper tracking of muscles, good form for exercises, and how exercising improperly can either injure or re-injure you. #caligirlgetsform stemmed from there, because I want to share what I’ve learned with others.

Balancing fit life with work life


While I am REALLY into health and fitness, my full-time job is actually a marketing manager. I have a degree in marketing, and was one of the youngest to receive the Business Times 40 under 40 Young Professionals in Business award. In my day to day, I do a lot of marketing presentations and graphics, which is why I’m pretty adept at creating graphics and content for my blog (for those of you guys who asked how I create my posts)! I love expressing myself visually, because I think it’s the most dynamic and memorable way to learn. I love learning, and I’m learning something new every day!

Some fun facts about me:

  • I just got married last year and we took our honeymoon in Maui!
  • My husband just got me a new skateboard (for a more sustainable work commute), but the first thing I did was use it to create a pilates-style core workout. lol. Check it out here!
  • I’m quirky and often very random because my brain is often thinking faster than my mouth can talk.
  • Autocorrect is my worst enemy. It’s accidentally changed Regards, Shannon to Retards, Shannon in an important work email. It also often likes to change “caligirlgetsfit” to “caligirlgetsfat” – does Siri know when I’m eating cookies!?
  • Friends call me Kevin Durant because like the NBA All-Star, my 6’1″ wingspan is much larger than my height. Although I was teased about this growing up, it has become quite useful in many life situations: reaching things on high shelves, being able to hit the light switch from halfway across the room, and getting my hand noticed when it’s raised up high to hail a taxi.
  • I’ve also been called a giraffe because I’m usually the tallest girl in the group, whether it is with friends or family members. I’ve learned that the average Asian girl is 5’2”, so at 5’8.5”, I’m definitely tall for an Asian. Many of my relatives can kick ass in ping pong and math, but can’t dunk a basketball.
  • I have a giant angelfish named Dennis. He used to reside with 5 small tetras, collectively named The Jackson 5, but he cannibalized them one by one… starting with Michael
  • I sketch and paint, thought I don’t do it as often as I would like anymore
  • I was trained as a classical pianist, and I’m always trying time to play amidst all of the above activities.
  • I have lived in seven different cities in my life, all between Northern and Southern California