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Outer Beauty vs Inner Beauty

Today’s lesson of the week: when trying to challenge a tree, the tree will always win.

I learned this the hard way as I hiked up all the way up Claremont Canyon (which is actually a really beautiful hike) and decided to take a steep unknown trail. About 30 minutes later, the only thing to break my fall off a mountain was a giant California redwood tree. I bounced off of it like a rag doll and landed on the ground. I knew I should have done yoga instead that day.

One black eye, a scraped up face, a busted knee, and a week later, I am still unable to walk on my own but slowly getting better. Cosmetically I look awful, but I’m just glad that nothing worse happened.

Nevertheless, life goes on, and I have to go about my daily activities, which means venturing out into the world. I was shocked at the reactions I got from people. The blatant staring was tolerable, but people are much more friendly and pleasant when I don’t look like I did 9 rounds with Mike Tyson.

It’s so interesting to me how the physical appearances often determine the way we treat others. According to Huffington Post, this behavior is called a “beauty bias, our largely unconscious preoccupation with and preference for physically attractive people, not only are more attractive people often ascribed positive personality traits like intelligence and kindness, but they also tend to be given unfair advantages in both the workplace.”* After reading this, I zeroed in on the word “unconscious,” which means that we have to make a conscious effort to treat everyone the same, regardless of the outside.

As women, it’s hard to love ourselves when these biases are real life, the media promotes physical perfection by photoshopping magazine covers, and men constantly choose the “hot” girl over the sweet wholesome one. In between, there are all these messages telling us we should love ourselves despite all of these biases. But how? These among others are constant reminders that we live in a superficial world. I used to buy into it, thinking my life would be better if I were just skinnier or had bigger boobs or maybe a different hairstyle.

But I am not a superficial girl. This tree hugging (literally!) experience has reminded me of the important things in life. Your looks can be taken from you at any time. Beauty fades, but who you are on the inside lasts forever. For this reason, I resolve to always find the beauty within people and within myself too!


Q&A with Shannon // I’m on YouTube!

I’m on YouTube! I finally decided to create my very first video based on all of the questions you guys all submitted on Instagram. I wanted to share a little more about my life, how I got started, what keeps me motivated, and more! Also there are some fun facts and smoothie recipes too! Hope you like it!

Five Tips To Improve Your Run

This post is sponsored by Zappos and Brooks Running. All opinions are my own.

Cardio isn’t hardio if you incorporate awesome outdoor scenery, beautiful weather, and some awesome running gear into your workouts! I used to hate the monotony of running, but I’m learning to love it more and more and seeing awesome changes in my endurance and stamina. I currently do cardio once a week, and try to run outside on nice days. Here are some tips to making running fun and stick with your schedule!

Wearing Brooks Dash 1/2 zip (top) and Revel (shoes)

Tip #1: Dynamic Stretches Before and Static Stretches After Your Run

Often you see runners doing static stretches before their run. I always wondered about this, so I asked a marathon runner if it’s necessary. I also read through some articles in popular running magazines and discovered that most people don’t need to do static stretches before running. The best thing to do is dynamic stretches such as high knees before your run to get you ready, and then after your workout, static stretches are great!

Tip #2: Build Endurance Gradually

Part of the reason I used to hate running so much is because I decided to try a half marathon a few months after I had started running. The experience was so tough that I stopped running for years after that. It’s much better to build your distance and endurance slowly so that your body can get used to running longer distances over a period of time.

Wearing Brooks Chaser 3″ Shorts

Tip #3: Choose the right shoes

Cushion and arch support are crucial to having a running shoe that fits properly and won’t cause pain during your runs. The last thing you want to think about is how much your shoes hurt with every stride! I’ve found the perfect shoes by Brooks on the Zappos website, and they have the perfect arch support for me. The Zappos site has so many different options for a wide variety of athletic shoes to choose from.

Another thing I did was to do a foot analysis to determine what kind of support I need. It was determined that I have high arches, so I definitely need the right shoes.

Tip #4: Stay Hydrated

It’s so easy to keep running and forget to hydrate! I always remember to hydrated before beginning my run. If i’m feeling tired or dehydrated during my run, I always stop and be sure to grab a drink or bottle of water. It’s easy to forget and hydration is essential especially on a hot day!

Wearing Brooks Distance tank

Tip #5: Wear the Right Clothes

Having running gear that keeps you dry especially for those hot days is essential for optimal health! I love gear that is sweat-wicking like these shorts from Brooks. What I also love about them is the hidden pocket – I always make sure my shorts or leggings have hidden pockets for my keys and other essential items.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and that you have an awesome workout on your next run!

To shop  my outfit, click the links below!

Brooks long sleeve zip top

Brooks Revel shoes

Brooks Chaser shorts

Brooks Distance tank top

Cali Girl Gets Macros!

Welcome to the wonderful world of macros which is both exciting and terrifying, for those who don’t know how to get started! Starting in January 2017, I decided to try using macros to calculate my nutritional goals because I saw a lot of people achieving great results with it. Below, I outline how to get started, but if you are already a macro veteran, you can bypass the How I Got Started section and scroll down to Lessons Learned.

How I Got Started

I heard the acronym IIFYM everywhere, and learned that it stands for “if it fits your macros!” I discovered that the site has a free macro calculator here:, so I used their free calculator, input the required information like age, height, weight, activity level, and goals. A lot of this is based upon how much exercise you commit to every day.

After entering your information and goals, the site gives your macros based on what you input (mine are below)! The great thing about it is that you can PERSONALIZE this to fit what YOU want to do with your body and what you want to consume. I actually adjusted mine a little bit to increase the protein, increase the healthy fat (to accommodate nuts and avocado), and reduce the carbs. The values all have a relationship (so as you change protein, fat, carbs, etc. the others change to fit within the same total number of calories). You can change it too! This is what I came up with for my goals.


The website has a place where you can sign up for their specific meal and fitness plans, but I decided that I’m going to put together my own meal plan. I love seeing how things work, and the DIY method is FREE! I asked around to find out what friends use to calculate daily macros, and the first app that was suggested to me was My Fitness Pal.

I downloaded the app, and it seemed very intuitive. You search for a food that you ate or plan to prep, weigh it, and input it in the app. The app then tells you the amount of calories and all of the macros in that food or meal! Easy enough right?

I started with chicken. I got a value pack of chicken breasts, cut them up, and weighed them on my food scale (I use that little “tare” button to offset the weight of the plate so that it’s not included in the weight of the chicken). The food scale that I have is unfortunately not available anymore, but here are a good selection of ones you can try from Amazon if you don’t have one already!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

From there, I input the foods from my recipes into myfitness pal individually. So if my recipe contains 6 ounces of chicken as seen above, 1 tbsp of basil, a dash of paprika, 1 tbsp of parsley, 1/8 tsp of salt and 1/2 tsp of pepper, I enter all of those ingredients into myfitnesspal. From there, if I add a salad to my mealprep, I enter all of those individual ingredients as well to get the totals for that particular meal.

After entering all of the information in, this meal below came out to the following (I did not add dressing to my salad in case you were wondering why it wasn’t listed):



As I mealprepped more and more meals to the week, I added them all into my app, under the categories Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.

I then can make sure that my calories and macros fit within the guidelines I got as a result from entering my information into the website!

I have to say however, that I’m not extremely strict and rigid with the calories and macro counts; I just keep them in mind and make sure they don’t fall too far out of range.

And that’s it! You enter in all of the foods you prep, or if you’re not a mealprepper, you can just add foods per meal as you eat them and get a daily total!

Lessons Learned

And now… for the lessons learned. So much information all in one week!

1 // My Fitness Pal Contains Incorrect Information

I was going along and entering in my food, checking the calories/macros for all of last week, blissfully without questioning the information in the My Fitness Pal app. After all, MFP  was designed for this, and should be smarter than me, right? WRONG! Here are some reasons why your information might be incorrect

  • User Generated Errors – MFP contains foods that are generated by users, meaning that anyone can enter information and it might not be correct. If you search for and find these incorrect entries and add them to your meal plan, this incorrect information will throw off your totals. I made the mistake of looking for a complete meal and found this “Western Omlette.” I recreated it not knowing that the user who input this was incorrect!


  • My Fitness Pal generated errors – MFP has “verified” foods, noted by a little green check mark as seen below. Most of the time they’ve been pretty accurate, but for some reason, several times I’ve calculated the calories based on the macros and sometimes they too have a slight margin of error. For this reason, I did some research and learned how to verify the calories using simple math.


2 // Verify the Calories Based On the Macros

I learned that:

fat = x 9 (that’s a multiply sign)

carbs and protein = x 4

To show how this works, let’s look at a nutrition label for gluten free pasta.


If use the basic formula here, Fat (1 x 9) + Carbs (42 x 4) + Protein (5 x 4) = 9 + 168 + 20 = 197. That’s pretty darn close to 200 (I think they round up). I now have learned to double check to make sure that the total calories look correct/are within close range to make sure my counts are accurate!

3 // Scan Your Food

My Fitness Pal has a scanner feature, where you can scan the barcodes of most foods and it will show the information without you having to enter it directly! This saves me lots of time!


4 // Getting Your Totals

A really awesome person from Instagram shared with me that if you turn My Fitness Pal to landscape format, it gives you your total macros per meal and for the day! Being a person who keeps the rotating feature on my iPhone currently on lock (so that it doesn’t rotate), I had no idea and was adding things up manually! But look no further to modern technology…. woohoo!


A Huge Variety of Apps

There are a lot of tracker apps for this, and MFP is not the only one you can choose from. I didn’t have a lot of time to try them all, but I did download Lifesum, and really liked its fun and sleek user interface as seen below. However I think based upon some of the research I did, most of these apps are about the same in accuracy, but MFP has a larger database of food. If you’re looking for more information and not sure which app you might want to use, this article ( has a great detailed breakdown of some of the most popular ones! The article is a few years old, so if you know of some better apps feel free to leave a comment in the box below!


To Sum It All Up

So remember those results I posted from the website up there? It recommended my daily totals be: 1969 total calories, 153g protein, 105g fat, and 103g carbs.

This is my meal schedule for the week and my totals are 1982 calories, 149g protein, 105.5g fat, and 110g carbs. I came pretty close!

Photo Jan 09, 3 20 05 PM.jpg

Well that’s all, folks! I hope you enjoyed my recap of my first week with macros, and hope it helps you get started if you haven’t already. I’ll be posting my weekly meal plans on my Instagram page @caligirlgetsfit, so feel free to follow along and tag me in your photos so I can follow your journey too! I love that so many people are doing this and we are helping each other learn and get better. #strongertogether

With love and yummy tummies from California,

Shannon @caligirlgetsfit

From Day to Night, Outfits for All Occasions

It’s workout time with new gear sponsored by Zappos.

The one thing I love about summer is that it’s warm enough for outdoor workouts! My absolute favorite time for an outdoor workout is right around sunset, because it’s cooling down but still really nice out. I just got some awesome new workout gear from Zappos to keep me looking stylish and cool while I sweat. I’ve found an amazing little spot on the rooftop of a building in Oakland to work out. Luckily I can squeeze in my workout before date night with the husband.

Today was bodyweight exercise day – lunges, burpees, push-ups, and planks were all on the list. And after my workout was done, I got a chance to stretch and take in the view from above!



Nike Sportswear Gym Classic Capri

Nike Dry Performance Cushion Low GFX Training Socks

Nike Pro Indy Cooling Sports Bra

Red Nike Hat

Nike Free Shoes

Date Night #OOTD With the Husband!

It’s funny because I had a whole post on Instagram the other day about high heels are bad for our posture, so I’m always looking for shoes that pair well with a dress but still keep me looking stylish. Luckily I shop at Zappos where they have SO many different types of shoes and you can even sort by the style you are looking for.  I found the perfect outfit for tonight; I know, I know, I always have some sort of sporty flair to my outfits, but I think this one is perfect for a casual night out to dinner and a movie!

IMG_0084 small


IMG_0094 small


Puma T7 Dress

PUMA Basket Platform Strap

The thing I love best about Zappos is that their customer service is top notch, and things arrive so quickly. Shipping is usually free, and I literally got all of my stuff 2 days after I ordered, just in time for Friday’s activities! I would definitely recommend checking out the site if you’re looking for affordable and unique clothes and shoes!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Happy Shopping!

Permission to Pause / Sponsored by Athleta

I’m one of those people who goes to yoga classes, and while attempting to twist myself into a lopsided pretzel have a million things running through my mind. It doesn’t  matter how many times the instructor has me meditate or try to focus on the present. Thoughts like, “What’s on  my grocery list?” “Is my car in a towaway zone?” or “Did I forget to respond to an important email?” race through my mind faster than a session of cardio HIIT. It’s ironic that sometimes we have to give ourselves “permission to pause,” when taking breaks should be second nature. Yet in a world where everything is fast-paced and things are expected on demand, it’s important to remind ourselves that taking time to focus on only ourselves isn’t selfish, it’s necessary.


IMG_9911 2

For the past few months leading up to my wedding, I had severe anxiety. It wasn’t because I was nervous about getting married or trying to make everything perfect, rather it was because I had so many things to do on my checklist that I was constantly worried about running out of time. I remember the days before my wedding I couldn’t sleep, and as I much as I kept trying not to, I constantly replayed my to- do list over and over in my head like a bad Justin Bieber remix.


It wasn’t till my anxiety began to affect my health that my fiancee (now husband) was like, “you really need to relax.” And he was completely right. Not only had my anxiety affected me mentally, but it also began to affect my body negatively. It was then I knew things needed to change.


After my wedding, I began taking more time for myself. The concept of permission to pause is so real to me because I experienced firsthand what it could be like if I continued in GO mode, never taking the time to relax or slow down. My health problems were the culmination of a few months, but what if that continued for years?


Luckily one of my all-time favorite activewear brands, Athleta is running a “permission to pause” campaign, centered around mindfulness and restoration. The soft fabric and neutral colors of these pieces inspire me to relax, clear my mind, and take time for myself. Today I sat on a bench, enjoying my peaceful surroundings and thought about how thankful I am to have time to  myself to enjoy the little things. It’s not until we take time to pause that we can become the best version of ourselves when we start up again. I hope my story inspires you to take some time out for you today. And if you want to shop my the Restore line and my picks, you can click the links below!

Shop the entire line!

Studio Wrap

Restore Jogger Pants



Activewear Haul With My Favorite Brands

This awesome and trendy new Adidas and Vans activewear haul is sponsored by Zappos. All opinions are my own.

I’m not sure about you, but it’s summer, and my wardrobe was in need of an overhaul. I’ve been wearing the same things over and over since last year, so finally I decided to invest in some new clothes!

Adidas and Vans are two of my favorite brands, so I decided to get some new pieces that I can mix and match. Because I’m always on the go and working out almost every day of the week, I need clothes that can transition from workouts to running errands or being on the go later in the day.

Thursday – Making Time for Fitness Between Errands

IMG_9810 small

Wearing: Adidas Originals Linear Leggings  and Adidas Techfit Bra 

I couldn’t wait to take my new clothes on a test drive. Yesterday was a busy day for me, but I made time for some Pilates and yoga in the park. One of the things I’ve been doing on a regular basis is to workout outdoors a few times a week now that summer is here and the weather is beautiful. Stretching for 30 minutes a day in the morning gets my blood flowing and keeps me energized all day.

IMG_9806 small

IMG_9832 small

I had some errands to run to the dry cleaners and grocery store today, but after my workout, I decided to take a stroll on the way by a local bookstore to check out the selection of books.

IMG_9840 small

IMG_9843 small

Wearing: Adidas Originals Trefoil SweatshirtAdidas Originals Linear Leggings , Adidas Tote Bag

I picked up a few books, tossed them in my new bag and was on my way! A few hours later, all of my errands were complete, and it was wonderful sitting down with my new books for a relaxing evening home!

Friday – Fun On Wheels

Fridays are often my days off, when I can have a little fun if I got all of my errands and work done for the week. Since yesterday was a busy day and I pretty much did it all, I decided to have a little fun with my new skateboard, a Christmas present from last year from my husband! I bought some new Vans gear since it’s the brand of choice for skaters, paired with my new Adidas jacket, I was ready to go!

IMG_9845 small

Wearing: Vans Authentic™ Lo ProAdidas Training Jacket (blue)Vans Snoopy Leggings 

I’m still learning, and I’m a little wobbly but so determined to learn a new skill! I actually sat on this bench and googled some how-to videos on YouTube for a bit to learn from some pros! LOL.

IMG_9850 small

My favorite were: start on the grass to grasp your balance, use large pushes to get your board going, and put your back foot down on the floor to stop. I’m finally getting my balance right, and my Snoopy leggings were there to keep me smiling and motivated to get better!

IMG_9876 small

I lasted a few hours without completely bailing, so I would say today’s adventures were a success!

Ordering from Zappos

For the longest time, I thought Zappos only made shoes. Recently I learned that they have SO much more than just shoes, and a ton of awesome brands to choose from! What also surprised me was their fast customer service; I ordered my new gear and got it within just a few days. Everything fit great thanks to the sizing charts, but it’s super easy if you need to return or exchange something. I would definitely recommend shopping with them from my great experience!



Hope you enjoyed hanging out with me for the past few days! Have a great weekend, and hope you have some fun! If you want to update your wardrobe too, here are the links to the things I bought!

Vans Authentic™ Lo Pro

Vans Snoopy Leggings

Adidas Originals Superstar (white)

Adidas Training Jacket (blue) 

Adidas Techfit Bra 

Adidas Originals Trefoil Sweatshirt 

Adidas Tote Bag 

Adidas Originals Linear Leggings 

Wipe that Sweat off your Brow! – A Story About Microblading for Fit Girls!


The list of fit girl problems goes on and on. Taking off that sweaty sports bra after a workout. Mountains of laundry consisting of 95% spandex. And having to walk up stairs after leg day. Ahh the horrors!! But my story of fit girl problems doesn’t stop there.

A #fitgirlproblems Story

My previous job was a pretty intense one: long hours at the office, little time for breaks, and monumental deadlines. The one thing I refused to give up however was my workouts, and I was determined to fit them in, whether I had to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn or rush down to our building’s gym during lunch. It was 2 days before a billion-dollar deadline, and I decided to sneak out in between meetings for a workout. The plan was to hit the gym and make it back to the office without anyone noticing. But about 30 minutes into my sweat-sesh, I got a text from my boss that read: WHERE ARE YOU? GET TO THIS MEETING ASAP! So…. I wiped the sweat off my brow, put my business clothes back on, and raced back into the meeting.

Upon running into the conference room, the first thing out of one of my boss’s mouth was: What happened to your right eyebrow?

It was at that moment I realized that when I wiped the sweat off my brow, I also wiped the makeup off one of my eyebrows! Yes, I was one of those girls; the girls who painstakingly penciled in their brows every day, yet constant sweat and showers made it almost impossible for #eyebrowsonfleek.

Fastforward to July 2017

When I first heard about tattoo brows, I was scared. I’ve seen people who ended up with super bold brows, and while bold brows look great when the rest of your makeup is done, I wanted something a lot more natural. I wear very little to no makeup since I’m always in the gym, so my brows need to match the rest of my face! Through my cousin Courtney I heard of something called microblading, where individual strands of hair are meticulously drawn in with a tool to look natural. I saw Courtney’s results, and they look so much more natural than a traditional tattoo brow.

I wanted someone who I could trust to do my brows; someone who not only was skilled technically with the microblading tool but was a true artist. I found Rojin of Rouge Ink on Instagram, and was immediately drawn to her beautiful portfolio of work! I knew that I wanted to work with her because of her art background, attention to detail, and kind patient personality who was happy to answer all of my questions. I was confident that she would be able to help me achieve the results I was looking for. Having a true artist was important to me because she will be hand-drawing the strokes on my skin.


The Process

After meeting with Rojin, I showed her some pictures of how I usually do my brows. She then did an analysis of my face to achieve symmetry and balance on my face. For example, one brow is naturally longer than the other, so she worked with them to make them more even. She then used a brow-colored pencil to draw in the shape, showing me every step of the way to make sure I liked them.


She used a blue marker to draw dots to outline my brows, and then put numbing cream on my brows for about 20 minutes so I wouldn’t feel the microblading. She saran-wrapped my brows so that the numbing cream would set in well. This stuff is totally a godsend, because I hardly felt anything throughout the 45 minutes of microblading. I commented that I had gone to acupuncture earlier that day and it had hurt a lot more than the whole microblading process!


Once she was done and showed me, I was amazed! I couldn’t be happier with my brows, and I now have fuller, shapely, and natural brows that will NEVER EVER wipe off again when I sweat! I can lift, run, cycle, swim, squat, and plank…. and always have eyebrows on fleek! THANK YOU Rojin!


[wpvideo tap4kFlN]

I LOVE MY RESULTS! I couldn’t rave enough about how great they look!


[wpvideo sABeX0hy]

Microblading FAQ’s

I would recommend microblading for anyone looking for fuller, natural brows! Here are answers to the questions people have been asking me over the past few days:

  1. Does it hurt? I found this to be such a painless and easy procedure from start to finish. Numbing cream is applied so you barely feel anything during the process. Rojin applied numbing cream several times to make sure that I stayed numb throughout.
  2. How much does it cost? The cost can vary, but during my research I’ve seen it anywhere from $200 to as high as $600. I would recommend going to someone who is skilled with the tools and experienced. I truly believe you get what you pay for, and I’ve seen a lot of bad jobs done, which is why I did a lot of research before selecting Rojin to do my brows. She’s truly an artist with not only microblading skills but an art background, so she has a great eye. Some places will charge very little but use cheap dyes, which makes the results not look as good and fade a lot faster. Definitely do your research like I did to select someone great! A good indicator is also to look at their portfolio.
  3. How long does it take? From start to finish, the process took about 2 hours.
  4. What is the aftercare like? I couldn’t get water on my brows for 2 days (think: wash your face around them, use cleansing towelettes, etc.) Once they are dry-healed for 2 days, you still don’t get them wet, but can blot them and apply moisturizer. It’s recommend you refrain from sweating too much for about 2 weeks, so you can’t submerge them in water, go swimming, sauna, etc. Definitely worth it for beautiful brows though!
  5. What does it look like right after? Right after, they got darker because they are still healing. I’m on day 3, so ask me later about how they progress! They’re supposed to lighten to their true color in 2 weeks!

And that’s all, folks! If you have any questions, feel free to email me or message me in the comments below. And if you too are interested in brows that won’t wipe off when you sweat, I would definitely recommend working with Rojin. You can email her at!

Exercises to Try Next Time You’re Outside!

It’s finally spring, which means it’s time to get outside, and today I’m going to share some awesome outdoor workouts, sponsored by Zappos!

The weather has been gorgeous here in Northern California. So in between the rainy days, I take every opportunity for a hike or outdoor workout because the scenery is much more breathtaking than the inside of the gym!

The start of a new season is also my favorite time to get new gear. Because I’ve been doing a lot more outdoor HIIT (high intensity interval training) up and down steep hills in addition to bodyweight workouts on uneven ground, I have to make sure that my shoes have good traction and are stylish too! I just got a new pair of Brooks Pureflow 6 shoes, top and leggings from Zappos, and I’m loving them! More about my shopping experience a little later. But without further ado, let’s talk about workouts!

HIIT Sprints

For HIIT, my favorite is HIIT sprints. Doing this once or twice a week definitely burns fat and elevates your metabolism so you can even be torching calories when at rest. One way I stay lean is to get in my sprints as my form of cardio. I like to add intensity to my sprints by doing them on the trails for a bit of an incline. Try this workout and let me know what you think!IMG_7676_E

Sprint uphill 50 to 70 percent speed and then walk or jog back down the hill for your recovery. I usually stop after I’ve sprinted and walked back down 10 times. Then I climb the hill for a nice scenic view!



Bodyweight Workout

Another type of workout I love to do when outside is bodyweight workouts. This includes dynamic lunges, squats, and if you can find a bench, push-ups and tricep dips! But in order to do this, I need a lot of good traction, and once again, my Brooks gear from Zappos came through!

I recently posted on Instagram about building strength for push-ups, one of the most difficult exercises to do for those without a lot of upper body strength.  A great way to build the strength is to do push-ups on a bench or elevated surface until you can do a full push-up!



Try doing 10 reps of these 4 times!

Awesome new Brooks Gear from Zappos!

So this season, I ordered a new pair of Brooks Pureflow 6 shoes – chosen because not only did they get awesome reviews on Zappos, but they are very lightweight, and have good traction on the bottom for those steep mountainous climbs. I also got a cute Brooks top and pair of performance leggings from Brooks to match my shoes! I felt great going up and down the mountain and got in my HIIT and some push-ups too!

I wanted to make sure that I got my new gear quickly and had the opportunity to return – often things online don’t work out for me or don’t fit right. Luckily Zappos has fast and free shipping and a 365 day return policy.


I was shocked at how reasonably priced my Brooks gear was but how high-quality it was. The shoes were so supportive up and down the rocky terrain, and the clothes kept me dry even though I was sweating.



Like my outfit? Get this look from!

Hope you guys all liked this post and that you get outside for some fun outdoor workouts!

Love from California,


PS – Special thanks to my fiancee Kelvin, who came to work out and enjoy a beautiful day with me! 🙂


Here Comes the Bride – Spa Day at the Bay Club!

A few weeks ago, my fitness bestie Mickey (@plantsandplanks) got married in a beautiful ceremony and reception in Northern California. But first… no wedding is complete without a pampering session spa day for the blushing bride before her wedding. Nothing can top a deep tissue massage and mani-pedi date to help relax and get rid of any pre-wedding cold feet (literally, because the foot bath is so warm and soothing)!

The Bay Club Redwood Shores hosted our spa day, and everything was top notch from start to finish! And while I have been a member of the Bay Club for several months now, I just discovered their spa, which is a wonderful hidden gem in the Bay Area. Here is a recap of our wonderful day in pictures, and I’m so thankful that we got to spend this time together. A big “THANK YOU” to the Bay Club for hosting us, making us feel welcome, and for overall a wonderful experience.

[wpvideo vnbWq16h]

As you can see, we are really excited to be here! 😀

Photo Mar 02, 4 10 01 PM_2

Of course, no visit to the Bay Club could be complete without a quick workout in their multipurpose room. This room is amazing for people who want to take a class or want to use the room for quiet time when no classes are scheduled!

The spa is beautiful and welcoming with a nice, calming environment that’s a great little hideaway from the bustling gym, where we can get pampered after that challenging workout!

We had the most amazing massages that were just what we needed to relax before the big day!

Photo Mar 02, 5 45 32 PM

Cold feet, no problem! The nice warm foot bath, foot massage, and skilled nail artist Riley Lyles left us feel completely pampered!

Photo Mar 03, 12 04 02 PM

Mickey is really into geometric shapes, and Riley nailed her dream nails for the big day!

Photo Mar 02, 7 47 29 PM

The Bay Club Spa left us with a special gift, and it completely made our entire day!

Next, we were off for some lovely refreshments to end our special day here. We can’t thank the Bay Club enough for this experience, and can’t wait to come back again soon!

Photo Mar 02, 8 10 01 PM


Shannon and Mickey (who is now a Mrs!)