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Results: I Tried Bone Broth For A Month

Growing up Asian, herbal soups and bone broth was always in my diet. The Chinese have been using bone broth for over 2,500 years, where in Chinese medicine it helps to support digestive health, is a blood builder, and helps to strengthen the kidneys. Nowadadys, Western medicine as well as millennials have discovered bone broth…
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Two Weeks of Fiber: Results

I've been regularly seeing a naturopathic doctor for health recommendations and acupuncture, and one of the things she recommended was to be sure I'm getting enough fiber. I was looking for ways to be sure I was getting my daily dose of fiber in my diet when Metamucil invited me to try out the Two-Week…
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I Love You So Matcha!

I’ve always loved matcha because of its powerful antioxidants and detoxification properties. I’ve been drinking matcha for years because it is part of my healthy lifestyle! When I discovered that Vital Proteins makes a matcha collagen, I couldn’t wait to try it. Collagen is widely known for promoting healthy skin, nails, and hair, but it…
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Now Your Skin Can Light Up The Room

This post is sponsored by Aveeno and Rite Aid. All opinions are my own. I’m working with Aveeno and Rite Aid to give one lucky winner a $50 Rite Aid gift card! For giveaway details and to learn about some new products, read the whole post! Because I’m always working out and sweating, a lot…
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