Exercise Form #caligirlgetsform

Why Form?

Form is so important. Having proper form while exercising will not only keep you safe and injury-free, but will also let you get the most gains out of your workout. If you've ever seen a person huffing and puffing, lifting improperly or hyperextending themselves, you will know what I mean. Often, we try to lift too much weight or don't have proper spinal positioning during exercises, which can eventually lead to both minor and major injuries. After a debilitating injury, I started to learn proper exercise form and work with trainers and physical therapists to ensure that I don't get injured while working out. Here, I share my healthy tips for a safe and efficient workout!


RDL's (Barbell)

Be careful not to round your spine.


Bicep Curls

Learn how to do this with control and strength.


Standing Side Raises

Maximize the benefit of this exercise.



Let's talk about the knees over toes myth!


Tricep Dips

Learn how to engage your triceps!


SIt Ups

Learn how to avoid hyperextending your neck.


Standing Posture

My tips for better standing posture!


Seated Posture

My tips for better seated posture!


Seated Russian Twists

Learn how to do this to strengthen your abs!

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