Standing Posture


Bad posture is bad for not only your health but for your overall well-being. The muscle and ligament imbalances that result from poor alignment can cause bad circulation, hunched backs, and pain from things like hip and back injuries, headaches, and chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. A lot of times the body overcompensates for this pain and over time, we begin to think its normal, but it is not! I admit my posture wasn't always the best, but I began seeing a back specialist. Now that my posture has improved, my back pain is gone and my flexibility and mobility is a lot better! I've also included some tips I learned from which help to build strength and combat these problems!

Left: Hips are pressing too far forward and sitting in front of the ribs. Shoulders are too rounded, which is super common in those who sit at a desk all day, use a computer a lot, or look down at their smartphone often. Help combat this with: runners lunge stretch or hamstring stretch for hips, back flys, cable rows for upper body strength.

Middle: I see this ALL the time all over Instagram with girls trying to stick that booty out and accentuate that back curve. But standing like this all the time can hurt your lower back! This over time can cause a lot of back pain. I know you want that cute Instagram photo, but don't do it! lol. Your back will thank you! Can also be caused by: tight hip flexors, weak core, weak glutes, or poor form during exercise. Help combat this with: happy baby stretch, figure 4 stretch, single-leg glute bridges, exercise-ball hip bridges.

Right: My posture isn't perfect but it has improved a lot. My back and shoulders are aligned, and my head is level. Shoulders are back and down, and my back has the natural S curve of the spine, without the hips tilting forward or back! Most of all I am balanced and confident.... And while these were all taken on the same day, I'm taller in the picture where I'm standing with good posture!