Why Macros Matter

Have you heard the saying you can’t out-train a bad diet?

This couldn’t be more true! I’ve worked with so many people who say they work out for an hour or more a day, but don’t see any results. But when I ask them about their diet, they tell me that their diet hasn’t changed. Therein lies the problem.

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s much easier to eat smarter, creating a meal plan that incorporates nutrient-dense foods with less calories. By cutting out soda and candy, which has a lot of calories but no nutritional value, it’s easy to replace them with healthier foods that have more nutrients and less calories. Furthermore, if you eat a high-sodium, overly processed burger and fries, you can eat well over 400 calories, and you would need to run over 3 miles to burn it off!

If you’re trying to gain muscle but don’t get enough of the right nutrients, you may not see results. Incorporating enough calories (a surplus) as well as enough protein and healthy fat is important. The human body uses protein as a building block of bones and muscles, and fat helps you store energy, build muscle, as well as and maintain healthy hormone levels.

So as you can see protein, fat, and carbs, your MACRONUTRIENTS, are crucial to your health goals.

Eating a nutritious diet filled with vegetables, fruits whole grains, healthy fat, protein, and enough fiber will help maintain a healthy body weight. There is no diet that lets people eat whatever they want and still expect weight loss and improved health. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program will be what is needed to achieve those goals. Adding a variety of fruits and vegetables to meals can help you control your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol.

So it IS true that your diet is crucial to achieving your exercise goals!

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