Results: I Tried Bone Broth For A Month

Growing up Asian, herbal soups and bone broth was always in my diet. The Chinese have been using bone broth for over 2,500 years, where in Chinese medicine it helps to support digestive health, is a blood builder, and helps to strengthen the kidneys. Nowadadys, Western medicine as well as millennials have discovered bone broth and touted it as a magical cure-all to a slew of ailments in the body. And while I would consider “magical” quite an exaggeration, bone broth does have a lot of benefits to the body.

In Eastern medicine, bone broth is made by simmering animal bones, meat scraps, veggies, and connective tissue for hours to create a liquid broth.You can make bone broth from any animal bones, bone marrow, and connective tissue. These are made up of collagen, which turns into a gelatin substance when cooked.

I love bone broth because it is low in calories, delicious, and makes a great snack between lunch and dinner. My naturopathic doctor recommended it my irritable bowel syndrome because collagen protects help sooth the lining of the digestive tract. In addition, my doctor recommended it to help strengthen my spleen, which she noticed that I have a spleen qi deficiency.

Bone broth typically takes a very long time to make, luckily I discovered that Vital Proteins makes a grass fed, organic bone broth collagen. I decided to give it a try. It was so convenient, just add one scoop per every 8 ounces of water for the perfect bone broth. I was surprised at how good it tasted and now have a cup every day. I’ve been feeling great, sleeping well, and hitting my macro goals. When I feel hungry, this bone broth with 40 calories and 9 grams of protein makes a great snack and is a great way to stay full.

If you want to check out this bone broth, you can here!

Full Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Vital Proteins. All opinions are my own.


  1. I really love consuming bone broth every day!
    It has lowered my osteoarthritis and joint pain a good amount.
    Additionally, I used to be sensitive to certain types of food.
    I think that the bone broth has genuinely helped
    my digestion. It seems that I have more energy since I have added
    bone broth in my daily routine. How do you feel about
    mixing bone broth with a ginger pill for even more benefits?

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