Wipe that Sweat off your Brow! – A Story About Microblading for Fit Girls!


The list of fit girl problems goes on and on. Taking off that sweaty sports bra after a workout. Mountains of laundry consisting of 95% spandex. And having to walk up stairs after leg day. Ahh the horrors!! But my story of fit girl problems doesn’t stop there.

A #fitgirlproblems Story

My previous job was a pretty intense one: long hours at the office, little time for breaks, and monumental deadlines. The one thing I refused to give up however was my workouts, and I was determined to fit them in, whether I had to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn or rush down to our building’s gym during lunch. It was 2 days before a billion-dollar deadline, and I decided to sneak out in between meetings for a workout. The plan was to hit the gym and make it back to the office without anyone noticing. But about 30 minutes into my sweat-sesh, I got a text from my boss that read: WHERE ARE YOU? GET TO THIS MEETING ASAP! So…. I wiped the sweat off my brow, put my business clothes back on, and raced back into the meeting.

Upon running into the conference room, the first thing out of one of my boss’s mouth was: What happened to your right eyebrow?

It was at that moment I realized that when I wiped the sweat off my brow, I also wiped the makeup off one of my eyebrows! Yes, I was one of those girls; the girls who painstakingly penciled in their brows every day, yet constant sweat and showers made it almost impossible for #eyebrowsonfleek.

Fastforward to July 2017

When I first heard about tattoo brows, I was scared. I’ve seen people who ended up with super bold brows, and while bold brows look great when the rest of your makeup is done, I wanted something a lot more natural. I wear very little to no makeup since I’m always in the gym, so my brows need to match the rest of my face! Through my cousin Courtney I heard of something called microblading, where individual strands of hair are meticulously drawn in with a tool to look natural. I saw Courtney’s results, and they look so much more natural than a traditional tattoo brow.

I wanted someone who I could trust to do my brows; someone who not only was skilled technically with the microblading tool but was a true artist. I found Rojin of Rouge Ink on Instagram, and was immediately drawn to her beautiful portfolio of work! I knew that I wanted to work with her because of her art background, attention to detail, and kind patient personality who was happy to answer all of my questions. I was confident that she would be able to help me achieve the results I was looking for. Having a true artist was important to me because she will be hand-drawing the strokes on my skin.


The Process

After meeting with Rojin, I showed her some pictures of how I usually do my brows. She then did an analysis of my face to achieve symmetry and balance on my face. For example, one brow is naturally longer than the other, so she worked with them to make them more even. She then used a brow-colored pencil to draw in the shape, showing me every step of the way to make sure I liked them.


She used a blue marker to draw dots to outline my brows, and then put numbing cream on my brows for about 20 minutes so I wouldn’t feel the microblading. She saran-wrapped my brows so that the numbing cream would set in well. This stuff is totally a godsend, because I hardly felt anything throughout the 45 minutes of microblading. I commented that I had gone to acupuncture earlier that day and it had hurt a lot more than the whole microblading process!


Once she was done and showed me, I was amazed! I couldn’t be happier with my brows, and I now have fuller, shapely, and natural brows that will NEVER EVER wipe off again when I sweat! I can lift, run, cycle, swim, squat, and plank…. and always have eyebrows on fleek! THANK YOU Rojin!


I LOVE MY RESULTS! I couldn’t rave enough about how great they look!


Microblading FAQ’s

I would recommend microblading for anyone looking for fuller, natural brows! Here are answers to the questions people have been asking me over the past few days:

  1. Does it hurt? I found this to be such a painless and easy procedure from start to finish. Numbing cream is applied so you barely feel anything during the process. Rojin applied numbing cream several times to make sure that I stayed numb throughout.
  2. How much does it cost? The cost can vary, but during my research I’ve seen it anywhere from $200 to as high as $600. I would recommend going to someone who is skilled with the tools and experienced. I truly believe you get what you pay for, and I’ve seen a lot of bad jobs done, which is why I did a lot of research before selecting Rojin to do my brows. She’s truly an artist with not only microblading skills but an art background, so she has a great eye. Some places will charge very little but use cheap dyes, which makes the results not look as good and fade a lot faster. Definitely do your research like I did to select someone great! A good indicator is also to look at their portfolio.
  3. How long does it take? From start to finish, the process took about 2 hours.
  4. What is the aftercare like? I couldn’t get water on my brows for 2 days (think: wash your face around them, use cleansing towelettes, etc.) Once they are dry-healed for 2 days, you still don’t get them wet, but can blot them and apply moisturizer. It’s recommend you refrain from sweating too much for about 2 weeks, so you can’t submerge them in water, go swimming, sauna, etc. Definitely worth it for beautiful brows though!
  5. What does it look like right after? Right after, they got darker because they are still healing. I’m on day 3, so ask me later about how they progress! They’re supposed to lighten to their true color in 2 weeks!

And that’s all, folks! If you have any questions, feel free to email me or message me in the comments below. And if you too are interested in brows that won’t wipe off when you sweat, I would definitely recommend working with Rojin. You can email her at info@rouge.ink!


  1. It’s been six days since my microblading session and not sweating is driving me mad. I am trying to just enjoy walking and light yoga, but I want to sweat 🙂 Did you wait the full ten days? I am thinking I can do some lifting when I hit seven days and just not go wild.

    I stumbled across your site when searching for “sweat microblading” and am glad I did – your content looks fabulous. I am going to follow along. Thank you!

    • Hi babe! I did go 2 weeks actually! 14 days seemed like forever. I did do heavy lifting during that time though, so squats, deadlifts, benches, shoulders, etc. Basically things that didn’t make me sweat all that much. In general I don’t sweat that much unless I’m doing cardio, so I kept cardio to a minimum but still felt like I have to move or I will go crazy! LOL I think it will be worth it in the end 🙂

  2. So, what did you do for those 2 weeks when you weren’t able to sweat? I am considering canceling my appointment because of this problem.

    • Did she ever respond? Thinking about microblading, but waiting 10 days to exercise seems crazy.

      • Ahhh sorry girls! I didn’t realize there were all these comments in the queue that I never got notified and didn’t realize they were here! I answered in another question but basically I did exercise but did things that weren’t too sweaty, like heavy lifting! 🙂

    • I have an appointment on Friday and am also thinking about cancelling, as I cannot go 2 weeks without working out. Did you end up getting them done? Any advice would help, thanks!

      • Hi love! So I did get them done, and didn’t do any super sweaty activities for a full 2 weeks. No saunas, excessive cardio, spin classes, or HIIT. But what I did do is heavy lifting, weight machines, light cardio, basically anything that wouldn’t make me sweat excessively. My face doesn’t sweat unless I’m really working hard so I was able to still be relatively active until the 2 weeks was up! 🙂

  3. Hi! I jut got my brows microbladed 3 days ago! I live them! I’m also very active. The aftercare instructions say to avoid excessive sweating for 14 days or it could cause the strokes to blur. I’m so active so it’s hard for me to give up my trx, barre, and hiit classes. Should I avoid working out all together? Or did you still do some weight lifting and stuff? I usually sweat quite a bit in my workout classes but I don’t want to ruin my $550 brows! Thanks!

    • So sorry for the late reply! I just discovered all of these comments went to the SPAM filter, and I feel so bad about not replying sooner! I always do heavy lifting and other types of workouts that don’t have excessive sweating. Sometimes a brisk walk outside is great too. I avoid a lot of cardio for sure. You will probably need to go in for a touch up at some point if you haven’t already! How was your experience?

  4. Hi! I jut got my brows microbladed 3 days ago! I love them! I’m also very active. The aftercare instructions say to avoid excessive sweating for 14 days or it could cause the strokes to blur. I’m so active so it’s hard for me to give up my trx, barre, and hiit classes. Should I avoid working out all together? Or did you still do some weight lifting and stuff? I usually sweat quite a bit in my workout classes but I don’t want to ruin my $550 brows! Thanks!

  5. Hi in response to the above comments I went to a very well reknown artist in the UK and she says it is fine to exercise as long as you are not covered in sweat. So just take it a bit easier and will be fine- weights for example instead of heavy cardio.

  6. I have the same question! Found this article when searching exercise after microblading – did you wait the full 7 days to workout?

    • I didn’t actually! I ended up working out but doing things that weren’t super sweaty. So I did some heavy lifting, like squats and deadlifts, which don’t really make my face sweat! I just avoided HIIT and excessive cardio for a full 2 weeks!

  7. I got my brows done I’m in my day
    eight I went to some one who had great reviews but one of my brows are way off can it be fixed in the touch up

    • Hmmm! I think it depends, can you describe more of what you don’t like about them? For me, the first time around a lot of it faded so we ended up having to do a combo brow because of my oily skin. However I really liked the shape of them, just my skin didn’t work well with the original pigment.

  8. Hey there
    I have read that if you workout 5-7 times a week they can fade much faster and can cause a blurred effect too due to the sweat and salt, not just within the first 14 days.
    How have yours held up in the long term? I’m thinking about going straight for a combo brow due to the possibility of it fading fast.

    • I think that might be true! I actually did microblading twice and because I have oily skin and work out SO much it faded within 6 months. The first time actually faded almost completely before my touchup in 3 months. So I currently have a combo brow, and it’s lasted well for the past 7 months.

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