Work With Me: 1-1 Nutrition Coaching

1-1 Nutrition Coaching Series + 20 Piece Complete Mealprep Toolkit

All coaching spots are currently taken. I will be opening up signups soon. Please fill out your information below to be notified when spots are open!

I’m so excited to be offering a 1-1 Macros Coaching Program. I know that trying to figure out how to work with macros, create meal plans, and reach your goals can be both intimidating and confusing. So I want to help you get started.

Our bodies, macronutrient needs, and goals are all very different, thus a one-sized-fits-all coaching program doesn’t yield the same results.

I provide a very personalized and customized experience to every one of my clients, and for that reason, I have a very limited number of spots available.

If you are struggling with weight management or feel lost because you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. ​I want to answer your questions, get you on the right track, and have you feeling like a mealprep rockstar.

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In our three 1-hour video chat sessions, this is what we will cover:

Initial Consultation

  • Your initial goals and discussion about your current diet and struggles
  • How to get started with macros and meal planning with your favorite foods
  • What kind of snacks to have on hand to combat binging and cravings
  • How cheat meals can fit into your week
  • How to work with macros/recalculate or modify your macros when your body and goals change
  • Answer any questions you have and help you get started or improve upon your current plan

2-week check in:

  • Feedback on how you’re doing
  • What works and what doesn’t
  • Adjustments to your progress
  • Meal prep tips and tricks

4-week check in:

  • Assess your progress after 1 month
  • Revisit your goals and how you can continue achieving them
  • How to recalculate your macros when your goals change

As an added bonus, you’ll receive my meal prep kit for FREE! It contains all the supplies you need to get started with healthy meal planning. It includes:

  • (5) glass meal prep containers (oven/microwave safe)
  • Space saving measuring cups and measuring spoons
  • Digital food scale to measure out your portions
  • 10 of my favorite go-to recipes
  • A grocery checklist with healthy food essentials and ideas

Sessions are $40 per 1-hour session and a minimum of 3 sessions are required so that we can discuss your initial goals and further refine them to meet your needs. It’s an investment in your health that will last a lifetime. You will also receive my 20 Piece Complete Mealprep Toolkit ($100 retail value) FREE!

Cost: $120 for 3 Sessions + Mealprep Kit

Coaching is currently limited to US residents only but may open up to other countries in the future!

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