Digital Food Scale + Downloadable Recipe Card Set (FREE shipping)


Did you know that weighing and measuring your ingredients is instrumental to calculating accurate macros? Do you actually know how much food is in 20 grams? When you guesstimate portions, you could be over or under eating, wondering why you aren’t reaching your goals.

Cook with accuracy and make sure you are hitting your macros with the right amount of ingredients every time. My digital kitchen scale will help you with portion control and accuracy. Plus every order comes with a downloadable e-version of my recipe cards!

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Digital Food Scale Features:

  • 8″ Round digital food scale, ideal for measuring food portions
  • LCD digital display gives accurate measurements
  • Multi-Unit measurement includes lb, oz, g, and kg with quick unit conversion. Tare function allows you to measure ingredients in a bowl or on a plate of your choice
  • Requires 2 AAA 1.5V battery, not included.

Plus all orders get a downloadable version of my easy to follow recipe cards – 10 favorite go-to recipes for efficient mealprep:

  • Recipes feature macros so you can easily add them into your weekly meal plan
  • Easy to follow, clear instructions for delicious and unique healthy meals. No more boring broccoli-rice-chicken macro meals!


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