#FITSPIRATION: Building Self-Esteem Through Fitness

Fitness isn’t about how you look. Looking good is just the secondary result. In fact, in the grand scheme of life, looks don’t matter that much. Being a model, I would know.


This is me today after beginning my fitness journey. I’m a happier, healthier, more confident version of myself! Photo: Ryan Chua

A lot of people don’t know that since I did my first fashion show at a California department store at age 16, I’ve been a part-time model. I’ve bounced around different modeling agencies over the years (most recently signed with JE Model Management in SF), and have done print, runway, and on-camera acting. In an industry where you’re judged solely on your looks, even the most confident people become very insecure. At other jobs you can work hard and typically have some control over your success or failure. In this industry, most of the control is out of your hands, and it can become quite daunting. And to top it off, when you DO book a job, they photoshop you to give you an even more distorted image of reality!


Here’s me in a fashion magazine editorial. (My waist was totally photoshopped; I am NOT that skinny as seen in first picture above)


 And here’s a candid photo of me at a Vera Wang runway show…

When I started my fitness journey, I created milestones for myself. The first challenge I decided to tackle was the plank challenge. It looks something like this:


Now that I can plank for a good 5 minutes, the feeling of accomplishment is pretty awesome. It all boils down to the basic idea of goal setting and achievement. When it takes days, months, weeks, or maybe even years to build to your goal, it feels so amazing to finally get there. Getting fit and toned is just the secondary benefit! In fact, I never started this challenge with the idea of doing it to look better. I just wanted to challenge myself to be a better me!

Achieving and exceeding goals in life lead to overall higher self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. There is no better feeling in the world than being able to sit back and say, “I did it!”

Lately I have been seeing a lot of people post pictures of their fitness transformations on social media. While in pictures they all look amazing, there usually is a bigger story behind the healthy body. A lot of people have to overcome obstacles to meet their fitness goals. What are some of yours?

4 thoughts on “#FITSPIRATION: Building Self-Esteem Through Fitness

    • Shannon Michelle says:

      OMG that’s so awesome! Ryan is one my closest and dearest people in the world!! Love your blog 🙂 Let’s be friends love! ❤

      • Lauren Nakagawa says:

        Whaaat, Ahhmazing. He’s been so generous to me and was my first shoot in SF for this blog, just the nicest person ever! Let’s grab coffee or a green juice when I come up next month? 😀

      • Shannon Michelle says:

        Yes! Ryan is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. We should meet up for sure! LMK! 🙂

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