Exercise Form #caligirlgetsform

Bicep Curls

Bicep curls may seem like such a simple exercise, but there are still many ways to do this incorrectly or compromise your posture while doing it. One of the keys I’ve learned is to only use weights that are manageable for you; ones that you can do at least 8-10 reps with good form and … Continue reading Bicep Curls

Standing Side Raises

Side raises! I used to think they were so easy but I was doing them all wrong! My form may not be 100% perfect, but it’s SO MUCH better, and I want to share my struggles – and what I’ve improved on – with you! There are several types of these including bent over lateral … Continue reading Standing Side Raises

Standing Posture

Bad posture is bad for not only your health but for your overall well-being. The muscle and ligament imbalances that result from poor alignment can cause bad circulation, hunched backs, and pain from things like hip and back injuries, headaches, and chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. A lot of times the body overcompensates for … Continue reading Standing Posture

Sit Ups

I’m personally not a huge fan of sit ups; I think there are so many other exercises that you can do for abs (like planks!) that don’t put as much pressure on the spine and back. In fact, the U.S. military is even phasing them out because people keep getting injured. However, I ALWAYS see … Continue reading Sit Ups


SQUAT FORM – TRADITIONAL BODYWEIGHT OR SUMO (toes turned out) // I hesitated to write a post on squat form even though people keep requesting it because everyone’s squat can visually look different. Our bodies vary so much in ways that affect your squat such as femur length, torso length, depth of hip sockets, and … Continue reading Squats

Tricep Dips

One of the first exercises I tried on arm day was tricep dips, but there are so many ways to do them incorrectly and hurt your shoulders and back! Let’s take a look at how I’ve gotten stronger, improved my form, and have learned to avoid injuring myself. Before photo (left): I am overextending my … Continue reading Tricep Dips

Seated Posture

Do you know which posture looks like you? The reality is that most of us spend MORE time sitting instead of standing. I am constantly checking my posture while at work, standing up to stretch, and trying to be mindful of how my body is positioned. _ If you have pain, you are not alone. … Continue reading Seated Posture

Seated Russian Twists

Seated russian twists! You can do these with your feet on the ground, or the more advanced version, with your feet up, squeezing your abs to keep your body stable. This move is all core, so you should be using your abs to rotate from side to side. Here are some things to watch out … Continue reading Seated Russian Twists

Deadlifts (Barbell)

Deadlifts! They are one of the best exercises for glutes, but it’s so easy to do them incorrectly and injure your back. Most of you guys know this one as a Romanian deadlift – RDL. Here are some tips! _ DO NOT ALLOW YOUR SPINE TO ROUND OR FLEX OVER The main thing wrong with the … Continue reading Deadlifts (Barbell)