Macros and Meal Plans

Welcome to the macros and meal plans section! Here, I share my weekly meal plans, along with the nutritional information, to give you an idea of how much food I am consuming per week in addition to approx 5-6 days of exercise. If you are new to macros and want to try it out, you can click on the Intro to Macros page and read about how to get started!

With love and yummy tummies from Northern California,


Introduction to Macros

Welcome to the wonderful world of macros, which has suddenly become MY world! Starting in January 2017, I decided to try using macros to calculate my nutritional goals because I saw a lot of people achieving great results with it. Below, I outline how to get started, but if you are already a macro veteran, … Continue reading Introduction to Macros

Meal Plan – Week of January 9

Breakfast (9 am) – 🍳 Breakfast scramble (2 eggs, ground beef, parsley, tomato, red cabbage) and half a grapefruit Lunch (12 pm) – 🌱🍅 Spinach, half a tomato, half an egg, and half an avocado (avo tip: to keep it from turning brown squeeze lemon juice on it!), red cabbage, carrots, and shredded chicken Dinner … Continue reading Meal Plan – Week of January 9

Meal Plan – Week of January 16

Breakfast – 🍳 two egg avocado scramble (I use half an avocado), with salt and pepper, and half an apple. Lunch – 🐟 baked salmon filet, half an avocado, greens, cherry tomatoes. Sprinkle a little lemon juice if you prep your avocado in advance and don’t want it turning brown! Dinner – 🍗 baked chicken … Continue reading Meal Plan – Week of January 16

Meal Plan – Week of January 23

Breakfast – 🍳 two egg scramble with spinach, chard, tomato, salt, pepper, and olive oil, with half a grapefruit and half an avocado! Lunch – 🐮 mooooove over Panda Express, this homemade beef broccoli is healthy and fresh! Also eating brown rice! Dinner – 🍗 baked chicken breast with roasted veggies – carrots, broccoli, and … Continue reading Meal Plan – Week of January 23