Meal Plan – Week of January 23


Breakfast – 🍳 two egg scramble with spinach, chard, tomato, salt, pepper, and olive oil, with half a grapefruit and half an avocado!

Lunch – 🐮 mooooove over Panda Express, this homemade beef broccoli is healthy and fresh! Also eating brown rice!

Dinner – 🍗 baked chicken breast with roasted veggies – carrots, broccoli, and onions, and rosted potatoes

Snack 1 – 🍎 Apple with @justins almond butter. Healthy fat on fleek!

Snack 2 – 💪🏻 @womensbest protein shake + @rxbar make a great protein packed snack

Snack 3 – 🍌 Veggie straws and an organic banana!